We are tackling childhood cancer.

Crayon is a specialist Paediatric, Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology unit based in the Northern suburbs of the Cape Metropole. We offer an integrated service with a dedicated multidisciplinary team devoted to delivering the best possible care and outcomes for our young patients.

Crayon stands for (Childhood, Radiation, Adolescent, Young Adult, Oncology Network) and is a collaboration between Icon Oncology the leading network of oncologists in South Africa and Cancercare a trusted oncology service provider in the Western and Eastern Cape.

Together we are tackling childhood cancer. Taking fear out of treatment and ensuring a positive journey to better health for our young patients.

Our areas of cancer treatment focus

Oncology (0 -9 years)

The treatment of young children with cancer can be overwhelming for patients, parents, siblings and caretakers. Even the treatment team involved in providing care for little patients can find the process taxing. Crayon provides specialist paediatric radiation oncology services at our unit. All in a non-threatening and friendly environment.

Oncology (10 -19 years)

Teenagers living with cancer require tailored support that addresses their specific medical, emotional, social, and developmental needs. Crayon provides both medical and radiation oncology services at our unit. All in a safe, welcoming and accessible environment.

Young Adult
Oncology (20 - 39 years)

Young adults between the ages 20 and 39 years have very different needs to older patients. At Crayon we provide both medical and radiation oncology services, all in an age-appropriate environment which caters for medical, emotional and social needs.

A multi-disciplinary team of doctors.

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